Gyorgy Hajnoczky: Mitochondrial Calcium Signalling, UCL CDB Special Seminar, December 8th, 1pm

Gyorgy Hajnoczky

Mitochondrial Calcium Signalling

December 8th, 1pm

UCL, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Anatomy Building, Gavin De Beer LT

Host: Gyorgy Szabadkai



ncomms10955-f5Gyorgy had a pioneering role in identifying the role of MICU1 in regulating mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake, see:

MICU1 regulation of mitochondrial Ca(2+) uptake dictates survival and tissue regeneration.

MICU1 controls both the threshold and cooperative activation of the mitochondrial Ca²⁺ uniporter.

His previous ‘Greatest Hits’ listed in the Scientist

  • Visualized mitochondrial energy production and ion metabolism in single live cells.
  • Characterized the behavior of IP3 receptors in cells and described how they produce calcium spikes.
  • Demonstrated that calcium spikes stimulate ATP production in mitochondria, and identified the molecular mechanism by which this occurs.
  • Discovered a physical tether between mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum and described its role in signaling.
  • Determined how mitochondrial movements are controlled inside a cell.
  • Used real-time, live-cell imaging to observe transient mitochondrial fusion events—aka “kiss and run.”

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