Overseas Associates

Paolo Bernardi

University of Padua, Department of BIomedical Sciences, Italy

Mitochondria and cell death in models of mitochondrial DNA diseases, muscular dystrophies and tumors
Chris Boshoff

Viral oncology; cancer biology and metabolism

Pfizer: Senior Vice President, Immuno-Oncology, Early Development and Translational Oncology
Susana Cadenas

Severo Ochoa Center of Molecular Biology, Madrid, Spain

Cellular and mitochondrial ROS signalling, ischemia reperfusion injury
John Carroll

Monash University, School of Biomedical Sciences, Australia

Cell signalling; mammalian oocytes and embryos; imaging; reproduction; roles of mitochondria in fertility
Jose Antonio Enriquez

Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research, Madrid, Spain

Structure and function of the mammalian OXPHOS system
Veronica Eisner

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, School of Biological Sciences, Santiago, Chile

Muscle mitochondrial biology
Gyorgy Hajnoczky

Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Pathology, Anatomy, & Cell Biology, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Mitochondrial calcium signalling, dynamics and interactions with the endoplasmic reticulum
Andrew Hall

University of Zurich, Institute of Anatomy, Switzerland

Nephrology, roles of mitochondria in kidney disease
Barry Halliwell

National University of Singapore, Life Sciences Institute, Singapore

Mechanisms of cell injury and death in human disease and in response to toxins. Mitochondrial free radical homeostasis
Muniswamy Madesh

Temple University, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Mitochondrial calcium and ROS signalling
Jorge Oliveira

University of Porto, Faculty of Pharmacy, Portugal
Laboratório Associado para a Química Verde @ REQUIMTE, Portugal

Neurodegenerative Disorders - Huntington's Disease, Mitochondrial Physiology and Pharmacology, Functional Imaging by Fluorescence Videomicroscopy
Rosario Rizzuto

University of Padua, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Italy

Mitochondrial calcium signalling
Rodrigue Rossignol

INSERM, University of Bordeaux, Laboratory of Rare Diseases: Metabolics and Genetics, France

Mitochondrial bioenergetic and morphodynamic dysfunction in mitochondrial neuromuscular disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer
Jorgina Satrustegui

Severo Ochoa Center of Molecular Biology, Madrid, Spain

Mitochondrial calcium signalling and metabolism
Javier Traba

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA

Effects of nutrient- and stress-regulatory proteins on mitochondrial biology
Takehiro Yasukawa

Kyushu University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Kyushu, Japan

Mitochondrial genome, mitochondrial DNA replication and maintenance