Metabolism & Society @ UCL: A Symposium on Food, Culture and Metabolic Health: Thursday, 16 February 2017

Metabolism & Society @ UCL is an active network of biologists, archaeologists, geneticists, social scientists, evolutionary biologists, epidemiologists, economists and more from across UCL and the Francis Crick Institute. We aim to combine resources to enhance interdisciplinary approaches to address metabolic disease and global nutrition, and to further communication between academics, policy-makers, the food industry, and the public. CfMR actively participates in the management of the network.

We would like to invite you to our opening symposium: 

Metabolism & Society Symposium 2017

A Symposium on Food, Culture and Metabolic Health:

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Institute for Child Health
Kennedy Lecture Theatre
30 Guilford Street


Keynote Presentations:

Hannah Landecker – Director, Institute for Society and Genetics, University of

California – Los Angeles, “From Food as Fuel to Nutrition as Information:

Metabolism and Society, 1839 to Now”

Mark Miodownik – Director, Institute of Making, UCL, “The Taste of Spoons

and Other Inedible Objects”

Stephen Simpson – Academic Director, Charles Perkins Centre, University of

Sydney, “Putting the Balance Back in Diet: The Nutritional Geometry of

Metabolic Disease, Obesity and Ageing”


Robert Biel, Bartlett – Sustainable food systems

Filipe Cabreiro, FLS – Drugs, bugs, and us: a multi-layered metabolic connection

Paul Chadwick, FBS – The role of behaviour change in metabolic health

Nishi Chaturvedi, FPHS – Ethnic differences in insulin resistance

Michael Duchen, FLS – Mitochondrial biology in health and disease

Sue Hamilton, FS&HS – Culture and metabolism: lessons from the past for the present

Rebecca Hardy, FPHS – Tracking development of overweight and obesity across generations

Kaori O’Connor, FS&HS – The impact of cultural values on food choice: the case of seaweed

Linda Partridge, FLS – Ageing and nutrition

Richard Pearson, FLS – Biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainable food systems

Markus Rasler, FCI – Metabolism and the origins of life

Joanne Santini, FLS – Arsenic metabolism: from microbes to humans

Mark Thomas, FLS – Diet, evolution, and adaptation

Jonathan Wells, FPHS – The fundamental relationships between nutrition, power, and health

Mariia Yuneva, FCI – Metabolic lessons learnt from in vivo cancer models


Registration & Details:

For more details and circulating the event see the attached flier:

Metabolism & Society Symposium 2017


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